Dance like an elephant?

The subject of limiting beliefs came up during a recent business walk with leading financial coach Vanda Scholey.

As she was the first financial coach I had met, I asked her who her clients were. Her answer was people with debts.

“If they are in debt, how can they afford to pay you?” I asked.

Vanda explained that her clients were often between 35 and 50 years of age. They had good incomes. But their lifestyles cost more than they earned.

Their friends were used to seeing them wearing expensive clothes, on nice holidays and living the good life. They had wardrobes full of new things and a drawer stuffed with unopened bank statements.

A common belief was to think that they were just not good with money. And to ignore the problem.

An easy way to understand the power of a limiting belief is demonstrated by how elephants are domesticated.

As babies, they are tied up at night with a rope. Because instinctively they like to roam, these youngsters spend hours pulling against the rope but unable to move away. Thus, the adult elephant believes the rope is stronger and humans use this to control them.

What does it feel like to get rid of a constraint? I hope my drawing above gives you an idea.

We all have limiting beliefs. Get in touch if you want to find out more about how to move beyond them.

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