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My clients are successful people whose businesses are stuck. They want help to get sales back on track. Or to improve profits. Or to retune their strategy.
I don’t offer miracle cures. Good leadership is about identifying simple actions that, when repeated, deliver results. The second pair of eyes reviewing your situation is invaluable.

 Based in the Thames Valley, Nick is accredited by the award-winning IBD Business Advice Group.

Good disciplines are needed to make a strategy work. As companies grow, they face a series of tipping points where they have to review how they operate to ensure that the right people are in the right seats to deliver good customer service. Improved communications and goal setting are vital to help teams pull together and that the good things about your business can scale up.

My clients include successful owner/managers, start-up entrepreneurs who need a second pair of eyes to stay on track, and directors keen to develop their leadership skills and careers.

Key focus areas include:

  • Set and hit targets.
  • Build your value proposition.
  • Get a grip.

About the IBD

The IBD Business Advice Group is Finance Monthly’s best small business adviser in the UK and is named by SME Business News as the best small business adviser. Nick is one of 200 accredited advisers who help thousands of UK business owners get their enterprises to the next level by providing practical help and advice.

Feedback & Reviews

What my clients are saying.

“For a consultant with your experience to challenge my concept was invaluable. Your words, ‘what problem do you fix?’ I have heard that message a thousand times, but I did not even consider it in the past year. It is the missing ingredient that I needed.”

Alastair Cook

Founder, Revenue Works

“Nick is an expert in his field and helped strategise appropriately for a product launch with disruptive technology. He responds to communications immediately and puts 110% into the support for the customer. I highly recommend him but not to my competitors!.”

Apostolos Papadopoulos

Director, Crop Intellect

“Nick’s clear thinking, insightful questions and logical approach have helped me focus on the things to grow my business. I’ve made faster progress with his coaching. Most of all, he’s helped me see beyond blind spots I had around myself and some of the business challenges I faced.”

Nino Di Cara

President, Electric Autonomy

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A second opinion helps business owners to better understand how their value proposition attracts customers.

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