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Tuuli Bell, founder, Tuuli Bell Limited


“At our first meeting, Nick quickly grasped where my business was and what I wanted to achieve. He generated a 13-week plan with specific tactical goals for me to achieve. He stays in contact, keeping me accountable and offering encouragement. The difference in Nick’s approach is his style, challenging me to decide what I want, what I have to do and what‘s blocking me, which was needed. If you want to develop your business, I would say get in touch with Nick.”

Heather Mills, director, Duck Soup HR

Clients achieve their goals, avoid time-wasting and deliver more value

I will make you the best leader you can be. I work with small business owners who need help to be better leaders, get the best out of their teams and invest in their competitive strengths.

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Focus on your top three success areas

A fast way to energise your leadership. Create a plan that won’t gather dust in a drawer.

Better explain your value to customers

Calibrate your positioning so the business has a laser focus on your customers.

Empower your teams to hit the same goals

Use communications and goal setting to empower the team. Avoid boring meetings.

Achieve growth!

Unlocking extra value for your business is my purpose. Book a free session to see if your opportunity is suitable.

Useful information for businesses

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